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     The founder and director of HOLA Kalina Dobija-Dziubczyńska was graduated of architecture and urban planning at the Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland and Universita degli Studi RomaTre in Rome in Italy. Before starting her solo projects, Kalina gained experience in designing while working in the best design studios in Poland, interior designs and architecture. She took part in international programs and project cooperation competitions. She is also a lecturer at a private design school, teaching composition.
HOLA’s style can easily be characterised by a balance between bold concepts and ergonomic solutions, streamlined to fit perfectly with the personality and sense of aesthetics of each ens individual customer.
Her passion for travelling, nature and active lifestyle grants multiple and versatile inspirations that are clearly visible in Kalina’s projects. Her designs are aimed at expressing the most of the customers’ temperament, nature and aspirations based on egronomic solutions.
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